Application onboarding error in Contrast UI log: "Not a JSON Object"

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You are running the On Premises Contrast UI on a Windows platform.


A new application or server fails to onboard or a previously onboarded application has not been updated with new vulnerability instances.

The agent log contains errors similar to this one (example is from a .NET Framework sensor log):

2022-08-2413:17:15.1476WARN6252:9 ReportingClient Error communicating with Contrast for request URL:'/Contrast/api/ng/servers/'. [code:(500) InternalServerError]
2022-08-2413:17:15.1496ERROR6252:9 ServerStartReporter Server startup report for 'QAWEBSRV01' failed. Response: Failure (InternalServerError)
2022-08-2413:17:15.1496ERROR6252:1 SensorsInitializer Application will not be analyzed because server start report failed.

The Contrast UI log at C:\Program Files\contrast\data\logs\contrast.log contains a corresponding entry similar to the following:

240822 06.47.52,051 {214590acf281} {agent_a7f5656-897c-45df-8d31-7f17fda30b7e@MyOrg} {} ERROR ( [UPDATE SERVER] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Object: "" -> Report 697020c5-9516-4ea8-b288-214590acf281 (485 bytes, app=[null,.NET]) from []:49779 received at Wed Aug 24 06:47:51 EDT 2022, type: ServerUpdate, server=DEVWEBSRV01,C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe,iis10, uid: agent_a7c54835-897c-45df-8d31-7f17fda30b7e@MyOrg, compressed: true, hash: null, contentType=application/json 
240822 06.47.52,113 {} {} {} ERROR ( [JMS Error] Not a JSON Object: "?"
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Object: "?" 


The default encoding on Windows is GBK but is UTF-8 on Linux.  The Contrast UI expects UTF-8, and when installed using the embedded installer Contrast includes the following JVM option in C:\Program Files\contrast\bin\contrast-server.vmoptions:


If this option is missing or it has not been added when hosting the Contrast UI on your own Tomcat Server, the default Windows encoding will be assumed, causing the UTF-8 BOM character to be rejected.


Ensure that UTF-8 encoding is enabled as detailed in the Cause above.

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