How do I grant Contrast access to my account for real time assistance?

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How do I grant Contrast access to my account for real time assistance?


Contrast operates under the principle of least privilege / need-to-know and role-based access (RBAC). The ability to access customer data, either through account assumption or direct membership of your organisation, is controlled by you.

Short-Term Access

Short-term access to an account can be provided by enabling impersonation for your organisation. You can find details on this here: Impersonation. Once enabled, impersonation will remain possible for 24 hours or until manually disabled.

Longer-Term Access

If you're comfortable for a member of the Contrast team to access your account for a longer period of time, please open a ticket with our Support team via the Submit a Ticket button at the top of this page, or by emailing us at We'll need to know:

  • Who within Contrast is being approved access?

  • How long is the access required for? Default: 1 week

  • What level of access is required? Default: View role for all apps

An example request for temporary access can be found below:

Please provide temporary access to the Gringotts Contrast account for Remus Lupin.
Optional: We are having extensive issues with onboarding and PSSA engagement within our account is required short-term to troubleshoot and provide in-instance training. Temporary access will allow for faster resolution of our core challenges.
Timing: Provide access for a 2 weeks starting on October 23, 2022.

Alternatively, if permanent access is required:

Please provide permanent access to the Gringotts Contrast account for Minerva McGonagall.
Optional:We have purchased Enterprise level support and have daily training/troubleshooting sessions with our PSSA, Minerva McGonagall.

These users will be added to your organisation as Guest users. You can remove them at any time by emailing us at with the names of the users to be removed.

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