Command line arguments for Go

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The contrast-go build tool supports some runtime flags to control how the application is instrumented as it is built.

These build time flags are supported:

contrast-go [flags] build

  • -d provides a dry-run of the rewriting for workflow validation.

  • -dataflow enable dataflow rewrites (assess) (default true).

  • -ecu enable ecu rewrites (default true).

  • -go string override the command to use for Go. (default "go")

  • -nodeps excludes dependencies from rewriting; only instrument packages within the target package's module.

  • -save save rewritten source files after compilation.

  • -v increases the level of logging when building application.

  • -version displays the current version of the Contrast agent.

  • -vv includes all logging when building the application. This configuration option is very verbose.


Use -h to get help.


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