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As outlined in our recent Support Bulletin, Contrast has announced its end of support for Java 6 and 7 with the launch of the Contrast Java agent 4.0 in July of 2022. This page aims to answer our most frequently asked questions around what this means for you.

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What if my application can’t be upgraded to Java 8 or higher?

Yes, you can continue to run Java Agent 3.x, which is supported.

Am I supported running Java Agent 3.x?

Yes, any licensed Java Agent is supported for a full year from release.

When will Java Agent 4.0 be released?

July 2022.

How long will I be able to use Java Agent 3.x?

Java Agents 3.x will continue to work with Contrast SaaS or On-Premises.Java Agents 3.x will be supported for 1 year after their release.
Please see section 3.8 of the Contrast Support Reference Guide for more details.

Will Java Agent 3.x be available for download?

Yes, all published Agents are available Maven Central and Linux package repositories for Debian and RedHat.
These artifacts will not be removed and will continue to be publicly available.

Can I use Java 6/7 applications with Java Agent 4.0?

No, Java Agent 4.0 is built on the JVM 8 JDK.

Attempting to run Java 6/7 applications with Java Agent 4.0, you may see the following error in the console and the application will not be instrumented by the agent:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError ... Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

Can I request a feature for Java Agent 3.x?

No, Java Agent 3.x will no longer be receiving additional features or frameworks.

Can I request a fix for Java Agent 3.x?

Yes, simply select Submit a Ticket through the regular Contrast Support process.
If we cannot resolve your issues and have confirmed the issue in Java Agent 3.x, fixes will be delivered under the Java Agent 3.x.y releases.

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