How often is maintenance conducted on Contrast's SaaS systems?

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In order to bring new features and fixes to the Contrast SaaS systems as swiftly as possible, regular maintenance is required. How often is maintenance conducted and what can I expect?


At Contrast, we define the following types of maintenance:

Daily Maintenance

Small incremental improvements are made to the Contrast SaaS systems throughout the day. These changes are low risk and frequent in nature and should not cause any service degradation.

Regular Maintenance

In order to provide a predictable means of coordinating the deployment of more significant features and fixes, Contrast operates a regular maintenance window. This window is used to deploy any changes to the Contrast SaaS systems which may impact system performance.

The maintenance window occurs on the following schedule:


Maintenance start time



EST: Sunday, 8:00pm
UTC: Monday, 1:00am


2 hours

EST: Tuesday, 3:00am
UTC: Tuesday, 8:00am


2 hours

All other
US/UK/EU hosted SaaS instances (.com)

EST: Tuesday, 3:00am
UTC: Tuesday, 8:00am


2 hours

Japan hosted SaaS instances (.jp)

JST: Tuesday, 10:00pm
UTC: Tuesday, 1:00pm


2 hours

Within the regular maintenance window, UI performance may be degraded and, in rare cases, there may also be brief periods of downtime. If downtime does occur, agents with Contrast Protect enabled will continue to block attacks and report events to any configured SIEMs. For further details on the agent's behavior during an outage of the Contrast UI, please see the following knowledge base article: How do the Contrast agents behave if the Contrast server is unavailable?

Targeted Maintenance & Unplanned Downtime

In rare situations where urgent work is required, such as the deployment of a critical fix or recovery from unplanned downtime, targeted maintenance may be required. This is performed on an ad hoc basis.

A notification will be sent to all active Organization Admin's in the impacted SaaS system as soon as possible. This notification will include details of the level of disruption caused by the work and the expected duration. If the duration is unknown, further updates will be provided on an hourly cadence until resolution.

It's our aim to keep targeted maintenance events to a minimum.

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