My security control doesn't take in any parameters

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I'm trying to create a security control, but my method does not take in any input parameters.


If there are no parameters being passed in, a code exclusion can be created as an alternative. 

Following the example is from our online documentation site:

Choosing Code (allows regex) will allow you to specify a list of method signatures. Any findings involving these methods will be suppressed. The entire method signature must be present and not include a trailing parameter definition or any other extra characters. For example:

  • If you have a method doLegacySecurity() inside a class called com.acme.OldSecurity that is being reported for using insecure cryptographic algorithms, you can ignore it by entering this line into the exclusion code block:

  • We’ll match this method signature against the stacktrace for any vulnerabilities found and suppress any that contain a match.

For more information on exclusions: 

Support for security controls without parameters is being tracked as enhancement request (CUST-1764)

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