Is It Possible to Run Contrast .NET and .NET Core Agents on the Same Server?

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Is it possible to run Contrast .NET and .NET Core agents on the same server?


Yes. For environments that use both .NET Framework and .NET Core, it is possible to run both agents on the same server.

By default, .NET Framework will install into C:\ProgramData\Contrast\dotnet\ and .NET Core will install into C:\ProgramData\Contrast\dotnet-core\.

For .Net Core agents prior to v1.0.2 running on IIS, there may be a conflict due to the .NET Core agent using environment variables set by an existing .NET Framework agent. If you use an older .NET Core agent, it should be updated to ensure that the Core-specific environment variables are used.

Only the .NET Framework agent uses the background Windows service. The .NET Core agent does not.

You can read more about installing the .NET Framework and .NET Core agents individually via the following links:

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