How to get logs from the Contrast UI

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 In rare scenarios, the Contrast UI may run into issues requiring further analysis. If you ever encounter a crash or error with the Contrast UI, please report the error via the Submit a Request link at the bottom of this page.

If possible, use the information below to gather the Contrast UI logs; this additional information is vital to help us identify and resolve the issue being reported.


 Log files for On-Premise installations of the Contrast UI can be found in the following locations.

For Tomcat web server logging



C:\Program Files\contrast\logs\

Important logs to send:

  • server.log
  • catalina.out


For Contrast UI specific logs



C:\Program Files\contrast\data\logs\

Important logs to send:

  • contrast.log
  • ldap_ad.log
  • migration.log
  • audit.log
  • mysql_error.log
Note! Sometimes the mysql_error.log can be written to other directories. Depending on the Contrast UI version or if mysql is distributed.
  • For non-distributed: Check the /data/conf/ for the file location
  • For distributed: Check your my.ini file for the location of mysql logs.

 More information on Contrast UI logging can be found on our Open Docs site


These logs will allow our support team to diagnose any issues you may encounter. To contact the Contrast Support Team, please submit a ticket to our online support portal. 

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