Overriding Configuration in Legacy Java Agent

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Note! These configuration values are considered legacy configuration options. As of version Java Agent Version 3.6.0 these configuration options began deprecating.  New configuration values will only be supported via YAML-based configuration. All users are encouraged to migrate to YAML configuration properties


If you'd like to override configuration options in your agent, you can run with a custom configuration. To start, let's copy the configuration that's shipped with the agent. The following JAR command will copy the configuration file out of an agent that's been downloaded from the Contrast site:

user:tomcat majordomo$ jar -xf contrast.jar contrast.config

Now that you have a contrast.config file, which is just XML, you can edit it like any other file. However, to tell the agent to use this configuration file, we have to modify our -javaagent line to point to it, as shown here:

export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVAOPTS -javaagent:/tomcat6/contrast.jar=/tomcat6/contrast.config"

The following marked-up contrast.config file shows what can be controlled here:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <id/> <!-- Used to 'id' this agent, if such a need exists. -->
   <log level="error" console="false"/> <!-- The level is one of the standard log4j levels. -->
   <global-key>demo</global-key> <!-- Your organization's API Key. Needed for talking to the REST API. -->

     <id>contrast_admin</id> <-- Your username. -->
     <key>demo</key> <!-- Your service key, which is needed for talking to the REST API. -->

   Where Contrast results are reported. You can add the following attributes to the 'url' element in order
   to ask Contrast to use a proxy:
      - proxyHost (just the hostname or IP)
      - proxyPort
      - proxyUser
      - proxyPassword
      - proxyAuthenticationType (one of NTLM, Digest or Basic)
   <local-results mode="never"/> <!-- Results can be captured locally with "error" or "always". -->
      <!-- The contents of this area shouldn't be altered. -->
   <capture-stacktraces>ALL</capture-stacktraces> <!-- Set to SOME or NONE to gain performance boosts. -->

   Setting 'enabled' to true in the sampling section tells Contrast to skip analysis of redundant of URIs
   after some baseline samples have been collected.

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