Library Discovery Issues with WebSphere

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Some or all of the libraries used by your Java application running in WebSphere do not show up in the Contrast web interface.  You may also notice the following error in the agent log file:

[Contrast Application Updater c] ERROR - Unable to determine location of shared libraries in WebSphere EAR file


This error indicates that the Contrast agent has been unable to pick up any shared libraries within your .ear file running on WebSphere. This will not impact the agent from reporting any libraries contained within .war files within the .ear nor will it affect the ability of the agent to find vulnerabilities within your application.


If your .ear does contain libraries which aren't within .war files, you can ensure that these are picked up by first expanding the .ear file to some location on your filesystem and then passing in the following property into the JVM parameters along with the agent:


This will do a recursive search of the ear for all additional libraries.

Note that even after using this option you will likely still see the error in the logs (as the agent can still not find the libraries in the .ear file itself), but the discovery should find the libraries in the expanded location.

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