What information does Contrast capture?

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What information does Contrast capture?


Contrast collects a lot of application analytics like URLs, file paths, jar names, and other relatively non-sensitive information. It also sends all the data related to security-relevant events.

If a method occurs that's an integral part of a vulnerability, all the aspects of that event - the object, return value, parameters and more - are sent back to the Contrast site. This process allows you to analyze the collected data and decide if any of it is sensitive.

Example: If a XSS vulnerability in the login code, the username and password will probably be sent back as part of the XSS trace. If Contrast is installed on a Development or QA environment, as recommended, it's not likely that any Production or sensitive data is involved.

You can also take advantage of our data masking features to limit exposure of sensitive data found in vulnerabilities or Protect events.

You can also reference our Privacy Policy on our main site under the Product Security section.







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