I do not see Contrast messages in my console at startup

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When you start your application server with Contrast, the first thing you should see are a few startup messages from Contrast printed to standard out. There are a few situations where these messages fail to display.


[1] The server has not had the JVM options set correctly.

[2] The server or application is redirecting standard output.


[1] The vast majority of the time, incorrect server JVM options are the issue. Look at the Installation Guide for specific instructions on how to add JVM options to your server startup script or run configuration. Sometimes, users will add Contrast options to the server's startup script which isn't used by their launcher.

[2] Confirm that Contrast messages are appearing with the rest of the redirected output.

If these steps don't help, consult your application server, IDE or launcher documentation on setting the server's JVM options. The same steps for adding memory (via the -Xmx switch) can be used to add the Java agent.

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