-javaagent failed, missing ZIP or bad...

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I see the following error when starting my application with the Java agent:

-javaagent failed, missing ZIP or bad...


This means that you set up the -javaagent switch properly, but used an incorrect path for contrast.jar.


We recommend using a fully qualified path while setting up the switch to prevent any relative path confusion, i.e.:

[joe@localhost /~#] set JAVA_OPTS=$JAVA_OPTS -noverify -javaagent:../contrast.jar 
# Bad! Relative path may be interpreted incorrectly by the launcher.

Using fully-qualified paths fixes everything:

[joe@localhost /~#] set JAVA_OPTS=$JAVA_OPTS -noverify -javaagent:/usr/share/java/lib/contrast.jar 
# Good! Everyone sees this path the same.

If it still fails, double check the path to the contrast.jar file correctly and make sure the user running the server has the correct filesystem privileges to read the file and its parent directory.

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