Which network ports does Contrast use?

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Which network ports are used by Contrast?


SaaS - Users and Agents:

Port 443 should be open outbound for the Contrast agent to operate normally. Traffic between the agent and the SaaS server is always one way. In cases where the agent retrieves data from the SaaS system, such as the policy to run with, the agent makes a request for the policy and it's returned in the response from SaaS. The SaaS server never sends requests to the agent.

EoP - Users and Agents:

By default, when you install the Contrast server on-premise, it will use port 8080. Ports can be configured by modifying the file at $CONTRAST_HOME/data/conf/server.properties.

The following article details how to enable HTTPS and AJP and configure their associated ports: System Settings > HTTPS Configuration

EoP - Database

If installing a distributed on-premise setup where your database resides on a separate machine to your Tomcat application server(s), you can also configure the port used for the database connection.

Please see the section entitled Update the Contrast database configuration of the following article for details: Contrast Application > Distributed Configuration

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