Connectivity issues with the Ruby agent

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This article applies to all Contrast Ruby agents prior to 6.8.0.  For versions 6.8.0 and up, the agent communicates directly with the Contrast UI.


For performance reasons, the Ruby agent that runs within your application sends its findings to a locally running service, which is responsible for collecting and bundling that information before sending it to the Contrast UI. If either the agent-to-service or service-to-Contrast communication link is broken, the agent won't be able to get updated configuration information from Contrast or send application analytics for you to view.



Agent to Service

The communication service is an executable that must be running to allow communication between the instrumented application and the Contrast UI. The Ruby agent manages this service for you by spawning a child process on application startup.

Note: In multi-process applications, only a single service is started.

If the Ruby agent and communication service are not sharing the same configuration file, ensure that the host and port or socket fields in the service section of the respective contrast_security.yaml files are identical. You can find more information on these configurations in the Ruby agent configuration articles.

Service to Contrast

The service must authenticate itself with the Contrast UI on startup. Verify that the credentials are correct in the api section of the contrast_security.yaml file that the service is using. If you believe that the credentials are correct but the service is unable to authenticate against Contrast, contact your account administrator and make sure that your account has the correct permissions.

If you've verified authentication and connectivity between the host on which the application runs and the Contrast UI, but you still have issues with communication that you can't resolve, please contact us via the Submit a Request link at the bottom of this page.

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