How to identify a supported .NET Core application

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Before installing the Contrast .NET Core Agent, verify that your application meets the Supported Technologies and System Requirements.

If your application is not instrumented by the agent after verifying the above, the following process can be used to further identify if the application is an ASP.NET Core application:


Enable logging of method signatures and modified IL (.NET Intermediate Language). This can be done via Environment Variable or YAML configuration:

      log_method_sigs: true
      log_modified_il: true


Verify that the application fully starts up correctly with this configuration in place.  If you turn on method signature logging and do not see anything from Microsoft.AspNetCore, this indicates that the application is likely not an ASP.NET Core app.

Alternatively, you may be able to tell by looking in the .csproj file for <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web">.  However, it is possible to build an ASP.NET Core app without specifying this.

The method sig approach is the most reliable method.  The .csproj check is quicker, but not always correct because it is possible to specify the ASP.NET Core requirements directly without setting the project to Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web

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