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Users are configured to receive notifications via email when changes occur with vulnerabilities or assets in the Contrast Web Interface, but are not receiving them.


Contrast throttles outgoing email generation for each organization at 2,000 emails every 10 minutes, by default.


SaaS Customers:  If an organization is hitting this limit, the first action to take will be to narrow the scope of the Email Notification configuration to not include notifications that lack criticality or may be irrelevant to users.  These settings can be found under Organization Settings > Notifications for Organization-wide configuration and also for individual users under User Settings > Notifications.
It may also be beneficial to take advantage of the integration functionality under the Integrations column.  This column will allow you to integrate and enable Contrast Notifications in applications your organization may already be using and familiar with.
Ideally, this limit will not be an issue after the scope has been refined, but should you suspect further issues: Please open a ticket with support.

EOP Customers:  The EOP server hosting the Contrast UI may have an adjustable property that is set to 2000 by default.  -Dmails.per.organization(JVM option) or MAILS_PER_ORGANIZATION(environment variable) may be added to the server configuration and adjusted to the desired threshold.

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