How-To configure the Jenkins Integration with an API-only user

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Here is where to get the values for the Contrast Connections-Connection Details fields for the Contrast-Jenkins Integration (Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Contrast Connections > Connection Details)


Contrast Username: E-mail address of API-Only Account. (Not the Agent Username)

Contrast API Key: This is the agent key/organization key. (It is not unique to this user)

Contrast Service Key: This can be found by hovering over the grey "API Only" for the API-Only user (Organization Settings > Users).  *Not the Agent Service Key

Contrast URL: https://(Replace with your SaaS instance ID) 

Organization ID: This is standard for your organization and is the same for agents, users and API-Only accounts.

Tip:  If you log into the Contrast UI, your SaaS instance ID and Organization ID should be available at the following places in the URL:
https://(your SaaS instance ID) Organization ID)/

*Important note: Do not disable "UI Access" for the API Only user.

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