How to get logs from the Agent Operator

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 In some scenarios it may be required to get additional logging from the Agent Operator, for example when injection fails.

If possible, follow the steps below to gather operator logs; this additional information is vital to helping us reproduce and fix issues.


General operator logs can be retrieved with this kubectl command:

kubectl logs -f deployment/contrast-agent-operator --namespace contrast-agent-operator

In some cases it may be required to increase the verbosity level of the logging.   This can be done by editing the Agent Operator deployment to set the CONTRAST_LOG_LEVEL environment to Trace in the env: section, as shown below:



You can edit the deployment using the following command:

kubectl edit deployment/contrast-agent-operator --namespace contrast-agent-operator

Once this is applied, restart the problematic pods and use kubectl to capture the current Operator's logs. 


These verbose logs will allow our support team to diagnose any issues you may encounter.  To contact the Contrast Support Team, please submit a ticket to our online support portal. 



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