Install the .NET Framework Agent (legacy)

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If your applications are running on modern technology you should use the .NET Framework agent instead of the legacy agent.

The legacy .NET Framework agent offers the full capabilities of Contrast Assess, Protect, and SCA as of April 2020 but is no longer receiving new features or lower severity bug fixes. Contrast is no longer fixing bugs in the legacy agent as of January, 2023.

You must have at least the "Edit" role permission to install an agent.

The legacy Contrast .NET Framework agent can be used to analyze ASP.NET web applications running on legacy technologies including:  

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows machines that cannot upgrade to .NET Framework version 4.7.1 or newer

  • Applications that target the CLR2 runtime and cannot be upgraded to CLR4

See the legacy .NET Framework agent supported technologies and system requirements for more details.

To install the legacy .NET Framework agent:

  1. Download the legacy .NET Framework agent (for where 20.4.X is the newest legacy version available.

  2. Find the agent keys and create a YAML configuration file calledcontrast_security.yaml. Copy and paste this sample and replace the<Values>below with your values:

      url: <YourContrastURL>
      api_key: <YourAPIkey>
      service_key: <YourServiceKey>
      user_name: <YourUserName>
        enable_chaining: <True/False>
  3. Copy thecontrast_security.yamlconfiguration file and the agent zip file to the web server.

  4. Extract the downloaded zip archive (for example, on the web server.

  5. Move thecontrast_security.yamlfile in the same directory asContrastSetup.exe.

  6. RunContrastSetup.exe. This installs the .NET agent.

    Once installed, the .NET agent automatically instruments ASP.NET applications deployed to IIS. Agent analysis is performed as applications are exercised by users (or by automated scripts or tests).

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